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Pelvic Floor Functions

Do you know what your pelvic floor is and what it is responsible for?

Below are some Pelvic Floor Functions and examples of the types of conditions Lindsay is able to treat:
~ Pelvic Organ Support – pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain
~ Bladder and Bowel Control – incontinence
~ Passing of Urine and Feces
~ Sexual Function – painful intercourse
~Breathing – work on the ability to engage your pelvic floor and diaphragm (main breathing muscle) in conjunction with each other
~ Pregnancy and Childbirth – help prepare you for childbirth and work with you post-natal for any concerns that may develop
All the conditions and situations listed above are only a small sample of what Lindsay is able to treat with her specialty. Please reach out and ask if you have questions or are curious about what Pelvic Health Physio can offer you.

Within each of those functions, there are a variety of conditions and pelvic health physio is for both males and females!

Stay tuned for more informative posts along with more staff introductions!
Curious and want to learn more or have any questions about how Lindsay can help you!?

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