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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Airdrie Alberta

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is an effective treatment for many pelvic concerns. It can help women, men and children of all stages of life including to improve bladder and bowel function, pelvic pain symptoms, bed wetting, pre and post-natal and peri-menopause. We offer our Pelvic Floor
Physiotherapy services to clients living airdrie and Surrounding areas.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

Lindsay & Lori

Read more about Lindsay & Lori, our Pelvic Health Physiotherapists.

Lindsay MacKay

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Lori Walker Krause

Pelvic Health

Heal Your Pelvic Floor - Pelvic Health & Physiotherapy

Pregnancy Care

Prepare your body for birth. Learn how to improve or maintain your fitness safely throughout your pregnancy. We can help reduce your back, hip, or sacroiliac joint pain. We’ll teach you what your body will need after birth so you can go into labor with confidence. We can teach you how to push to open your pelvic floor and discuss delivery positioning and perineal massage. 

Post-Partum Care

At Embrace Pelvic Health Physio and Massage, we help people heal after birth by taking a holistic approach to your health. We look at your pelvic floor, posture, breathing, and strength to help you return to activities you love. We also help birthing people alleviate back pain, safely return to fitness, have pain free and pleasurable intercourse, and stop leaking. Checking your abdomen for a diastasis rectus abdominis will also assist in putting you on your path to recovery. We will have you achieve your functional goals. 

Breastfeeding Assessments

Physiotherapist are known as the movement experts, and while physiotherapy treatment is not the first to come to mind with breastfeeding- breastfeeding is a mechanical skill for both baby and mom. I am specially trained in assessing and identifying infant factors that contribute to breastfeeding difficulties such as tongue tie, torticollis, and tight jaw musculature, all of which have the potential to cause latch difficulties. I am also trained to treat maternal issues that can arise with breastfeeding such as Mastitis, and breast/nipple soreness/pain.

Pediatric Care

Our Pelvic Health Physiotherapist is highly trained in treating Pediatric Pelvic Health concerns. She offers: Breastfeeding Assessments, concerns regarding head shape, torticollis, developmental milestones, bedwetting & constipation.

Pelvic Pain

We treat all forms of pelvic pain including pain with intercourse, bladder pain, pain with sitting, tailbone pain, and abdominal discomfort. Stress and trauma can manifest in your pelvic floor. We can help resolve pain by teaching you pelvic floor relaxation, breathing mechanics, posture assessment and correction, manual therapy such as tension release, and strengthening. 

Bladder and Bowel Concerns

Leaking isn’t all about kegels and pelvic floor muscle strength. It’s about posture, coordinating your pelvic floor muscles to work at the right time, breathing, correctly using your abdominal muscles, and timing.

Constipation can be caused by many body functions from beginning to end sort to speak. The pelvic floor can be a cause or contributing factor. Many people suffer from not knowing how to push to move their bowels, accidentally squeezing their pelvic floor muscles, and sitting with incorrect posture all leading to constipation. We will teach you the correct habits and techniques to get your bowels moving regularly.


We treat (and help to prevent!) bladder prolapse (cystocele), bowel prolapse (rectocele), and uterine prolapse. We can help you prevent or recover from surgery. Pelvic organ prolapse can affect your activities, how you feel about your body, and your life. We’ll use the best evidence to help you support your pelvic organs and get back to what you love. Healing prolapse isn’t all about kegels. We’ll assess you from head to toe from your posture, breathing, pelvic floor and whole body strength, and mechanics.

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