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Sally Maetche

Sally Maetche

Reiki Practitioner

About Sally

How can my expertise help you?

2002, I trained as a nursing attendant and began to connect and be an integral part of thousands of patients’ western medicine journey.
2009, I graduated as a Holistic Health Practitioner, McEwan University. 
My worlds had finally collided! Everything in my being knew there was a place for both to work together.
The family doctors I worked with sent me patients and their loved ones when they weren’t getting the relief they needed and wanted from western medicine.
Patients were experiencing relief but something wasn’t quite right for me to make a life for my 2 young kids as a single mom…
In hindsight, I had a great deal of healing, learning and growth to do before I was ready.
Here I am, as ready as I’ll ever be, taking another leap of faith and finally ready to share myself with the world..
I will continue to grow and learn and heal, just as I support you to do the same.
We are always changing, growing, learning and reinventing ourselves.
It’s part of the human experience.
I bring you my knowledge and experience from both western medicine and alternative health every session.
I use intuition, reiki and Akashic Records and our connection to guide you through an insightful, exploratory, personalized journey curated, in the moment, just for you. You will be actively involved in your journey constantly giving feedback.
I am constantly reinventing myself and my life. Now I am finally helping others too!
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